Laboratory of Outstanding Stuff (LOOS)

Laboratory of Outstanding Stuff (LOOS) in collaboration with Gobbledegook Theatre. An in-school installation set up and manned by experienced actors to teach and inform primary age children about the culture, history, geology and archaeology of the South Dorset Ridgeway, commissioned by the Dorset AONB Team.

"The first day there was a buzz of excitement around the school as the children eagerly waited for their turn in the 'tent'. The input from the 'professors' was hilarious!  They were able to put across some amazing facts about the South Dorset Ridgeway in an energetic and appealing way - giving the children just enough information to whet their appetites.  At the end of the day the children were full of questions and were desperate to return to school the next day so that they could find out more. I would definitely recommend this installation as a wonderful 'wow' moment to inspire and engage pupils on the topic of our local area." (Headteacher - Burton Bradstock Primary School)


ADC: 10th Feb 2016
Laboratory of Outstanding Stuff