Visual Arts Market Place


VAMP is an exciting opportunity for Dorset’s creative industries and visual artists and small-medium businesses to grow and develop their business skills, sales, organisations and people. Our aim to help all to find ‘the greatest impact on economic benefit for arts and culture’.

From 2017-2020 individuals and organisations will be able to access an assortment of products and services delivered by The Arts Development Company through the VAMP programme. Covering Dorset, Bournemouth & Poole this one-off opportunity and 3 year programme is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Arts Council England (ACE) and Dorset County Council.

Other local partners include WsxEnterprise, Dorset Chamber of Commerce, Silicon South, Bournemouth University, YKTO and Dormen. Consequently, with this amazing county wide support network for you and your business or practice you are sure to learn new skills, meet like-minded people and win more business.

We support visual artists to learn about how to develop sales, brand and understand how the sector operates.  We will help visual artists to develop business skills and to identify new ways of trading, opening up new markets and offering a more enterprising approach. 

The VAMP programme includes:

  • New Start-ups: Assisting their development through business skills and training.


  • Business Advice & Mentoring: To exploit new ways of doing business and upskilling to expand your practice, personal development and organisation.


  • Expertise & Continued Professional Development (CPD): sharing of art sector expertise with art, curator, producer, education, marketing and development professionals via training, talks, workshops and visits.


  • Networking & Support Groups: To bring together those who are serious about fulfilling their career and business as an artist, venue, studio or simply sharing ideas and resources. Maximising relationships and developing them with new and existing sector related groups.


  • Emerging Talent: To support those who are entering the art sector and supporting their needs to achieve success.


  • Business Support: An array of toolkits, advisors, digital tools, workshops, training and more to help you maximise your practice/business potential.


During 2017-2020 there will be even more resources and activities for you to access so if you would like to take advantage of the VAMP programme, simply contact us direct at: or 01305 224901.

TADC: 31st Jan 2017

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