Culture+ is a programme tailored for the arts and culture community that offers extensive business training, advice and support as well as networking opportunities with business and tourism industries throughout Dorset (including Bournemouth and Poole)

We believe that arts and culture, in all forms, plays a vital role in the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities, it contributes widely to the economy, and has the power to create real change in society for the better.

We are aware the economic climate is changing, so it is important to us that we can provide effective and sustainable solutions throughout the county to ensure that the creative industry remains a robust, self-sustaining, and vibrant sector for years to come.

The programme consists of 3 interconnected strands:

•            Culture+ Business

•            Culture+ Tourism

•            Culture+ Social Impact


Culture+ Business Culture+ Tourism Culture+ Social Impact

Culture+ Business concentrates on supporting individuals and organisations within in the arts sector to adopt essential business principles in order to survive, develop and expand their practices.

This includes providing inspiring talks, workshops and bespoke mentoring on subjects they require, such as business planning and development, financial management, marketing communication, product development, and market diversification.

As well as business skills development this strand will also seek to develop sustainable arts networks, a creative fellowship programme, and finding showcasing platforms, working spaces and financial opportunities for new creative enterprises.

Culture+ Tourism will work on creating partnerships between Dorset’s tourism businesses and its wealth of culture and heritage organisations to discover new ways of working together for the economic benefit of both, and Dorset as a whole.

This includes working together with communities to develop cultural tourism packages that attract visitors and maximise income, as well as developing signature festival events to promote Dorset to new markets. Our aim is to provide tourism providers with the tools to unlock the value of including culture in their planning and delivery.

Culture+ Social Impact is encouraging the arts and culture communities in Dorset to consider the interest of their society and environment as a priority in their work. Essentially it’s about investing in people and place with your profit.

This strand supports the set-up and development of creative social enterprises, demonstrating how creative activity makes a real difference to people’s lives. It also offers bespoke training, mentoring and special events to inspire, network and develop creative professionals and actively encourage others to invest in creative social enterprises.

By the end of the programme, this strand aims to develop a county wide social enterprise mindset, sustainable and strategically connected creative groups and tomorrow’s Cultural Business Leaders.

Culture+ is funded by Arts Council England and the European Regional Development Fund. It is providing support for the creative industry strand of the Dorset Growth Hub programme, which is delivered by WSX Enterprise.


Some examples of our offers:

  • Business skills specifically for the arts workshops
    • Business Plan for artists
    • Arts Marketing 101
    • Website development for artists
    • Writing to market your work
    • Elevator pitch
  • Masterclasses with experts from the industry
    • How to attract agencies and commissions
    • Product and Market diversification for artists:
      • Working with Education - Children and young people
      • Working with Environment agencies
      • Working with Tourism Businesses
    • How to price your work
  • Business development course for arts and culture organisations
  • Networking meet ups
  • One-to-One support