The Little Keep

The Little Keep

The Little Keep is the home of The Arts Development Company and stands at the far end of the old parade ground opposite The Keep, It served as the Officer's quarters of the Militia Barracks which stood on this site before the Depot Barracks were built. The 'Little Keep' is now all that remains of the old Militia Barracks and now consists of twelve offices, two meeting rooms and three kitchens. There are many creative organisations within the building but there is room for more!

The Little Keep
Barrack Rd

Hot Desking Spaces

We have a few hot desking spaces in Parade View room, at the Little Keep. These desks are perfect for creative individuals from bloggers and web developers, to freelance dancers or students. Spaces available to rent on a short-medium term basis and will give the opportunity to work in a calm, creative and collaborative environment. Click here for more detail.

Little Keep Story

A bit more about Little Keep, click here for more.